In this section, we can adjust the display of Trust Badges on your storefront.

1/ Text

Change the display of Header text in the frontend.

- Header text: Enter the heading

-  Text size: Adjust the size of text

- Text color: Change the color for text

- Font family: Choose your favorite font for header text

2/ Badges

- Badges style: Choose style for your badges

- Show border: Select to show the border  for your badges

+ Badges border color: Choose the color for your badges
+ Badges border radius: Choose the size for badges' s border

- Click Choose Badges to select the badges on your storefront.

+ Checkout Badges

+ Custom Badges

- Upload Badges: There are 2 ways to upload badges:
+ Click Add image button and select the image
+ Enter the image URL and click Add badges

3/ Effect

- Effect: Choose the effect to show the badge when open the page:

None,  Fly, Slide in, Pop, Groove, Swerve

- Badge Size: Choose the size for your badges, including Small, Medium, Large

- Alignment: There are 3 positions to show badges and header text

- Box width:  Freely change the width of your trust badges ( Full Width or Custom Width)