This guide shows you how to customize the display position of the countdown block on the product pages.

1. Select Product pages to show countdown

Option 1: Display on all products

The countdown is displayed on all product pages.

Option 2: Display on selected products

The countdown is displayed only on selected product pages. Click Browse > Select products > Click Add > Click Save.

Option 3: Display on product groups by conditions

The countdown is automatically displayed on products that meet the conditions. With ALL conditions, the block is only displayed on products that satisfy all conditions. With ANY conditions, the product only needs to satisfy one of all the conditions to display the countdown. Click Add another condition to combine more conditions.

Exclude products: Select the products you do not want the countdown to show. Select Browse > Select product > Click Add > Click Save.

2. Manual Position Settings

If disabled, the countdown is automatically displayed at the default position. Enable to customize the display position of the countdown.

Option 1: Smart Selector

Use Smart Selector to select the display position on the product page.

- Select Action > Enter one product page url you want to apply size chart > Select Start Choosing

- At the product page, select the position you want to size chart button, and then press Insert Here > Click OK > Click Save to save the setting.

After selecting the position, the CSS Element will be filled automatically and you can choose the position displayed above or below at Position.

Option 2: Snippet Code(Insert manually)

Use the snippet code to insert anywhere on the product page that you want the countdown to display.

Click Copy to copy the code:

Go to Shopify admin > Select Themes > Actions > Edit code.

Insert the code into the position where you want the countdown to appear in the "main-product.liquid" file > Click Save to save the changes.

After you configure the countdown timer, you can view it in your store. Click "Go to storefront" at step 3