In this article, we will explain how to custom the appearance of your countdown timer.

I/ Preset

There are 14 countdown timer preset, which are highly customizable. You can save a great amount of time to find the one that matches your store's theme.

II/ Countdown timer

In this section, you can freely change the layout of your countdown timer

- Countdown timer- heading: Enter the text for countdown heading

- Heading size: Choose the size for your countdown timer heading

- Heading color: Choose the color for your countdown timer heading

- Days text, Hours text, Minutes text, Seconds text: Enter the content for time measurement units

- Number size: Change the size for timer

- Number color: Select color for timer

- Number background: Choose background color for timer

- Number border color: Choose color for border

- Box number width: Select the width for box number

- Box number height: Select the height for box number

- Border number width: Change the width for border number

- Border number radius: Change border for number box

- Alignment: Choose the position of countdown timer on your website: on the left side, center or on the right side