SEO Analysis function helps to optimize SEO for all of your product pages. You can edit SEO information for each product and follow the improvement suggestions here. 

1. Grid Product

- You can filter the desired products by clicking on Product vendor or Product type and enter the content you want to filter

- To sort products click on "Sort by" and select the criteria to sort.

2. Product Analysis page

Click on the product you want to optimize SEO for it from the product grid. 

2.1 Description

Enter a description for the product and see the analysis in the Analysis results section. 

2.2 Focus Keyword: Enter a Keyword to use as a review criteria for your page product


  + Displays the content of the established meta tag in the Meta Tag & Rules section

  + Click Edit to go to the Meta tag edit page

  + If the product does not meet the requirements of the Meta tag or Meta tag rules, the content of AVADA SEO SUITE META TAGS field will not be displayed.

2.4 Force using product meta data

Click Force using product meta data to apply the content of the Meta title and Meta description and override of the Meta tag and Meta tag rules set up previously.

2.5 Meta title

Enter the title text for the Meta tag

2.6 Meta description

Enter a description for the Meta tag

2.7 Analysis results

The content of this analysis is divided into 3 parts

1. Problems: Report the SEO elements that your product pages are lacking of or not optimized compared to the standard analyzed by Yoast SEO. These problems need to prioritize handling to improve your product page.

2. Improvements: These are issues that suggest you modify some SEO elements on your product pages to follow the standards analyzed by Yoast SEO.

3. Good results: SEO elements that your product page has optimized well

To learn more about each issue, click on the links shown in the corresponding issue.