• Text Size: Customize the size of the heading text
  • Text Color: Customize the text color.
  • Font: Customize the text font.


  • Badge Box Width: Customize the width of the badge box, you can choose Full Width or choose Custom Width to customize the size at Custom Width Size.

  • Badge Animation Effect: Select None so that the badge box is displayed normally like other content on the page. Select other effects such as Fly, Slide in, Pop, Groove, Swerve so that the badge box is shown with corresponding the effect.


If disabled, the badge box is automatically displayed at the default location (auto detect).
Enable to customize the display position of the badge box.

Option 1: Smart Selector

Use Smart Selector to select the display position on the product page.

- Select Action > Enter the address of the product page you want to select > Select Start Choosing

- At the product page, select the display location and then press Insert Here > Click OK > Click Save to save the information.

- After selecting the position, the CSS Element will be filled automatically and you can choose the position displayed above or below at Position.

Option 2: Snippet Code(Insert manually)

Use the code to insert anywhere on the page where you want the badge box to display.

Click Copy at the code > At Shopify admin > Select Themes > Actions > Edit code. Insert the code where you want the trust badge block to display > Click Save to save the changes.

  • Displayed at homepage > insert at file: theme.liquid
  • Displayed at collections page > insert at file: main-collection-product-grid.liquid
  • Displayed at product pages > insert at file: main-product.liquid
  • Display at cart page > insert at file: main-cart-items.liquid


Enter the CSS content you want to modify.