Tracking and managing customer's activites and thier reward poitns help you measure the effectiveness of your reward program easily to make any adjustment on time.

In this section of guidline, you will learn how to:
- Track customer's activites through any reward point program
- Adjust points
- Redeem point

Every step will be explained in details. Now, it's time to get started!

I/ Customer

- After your install the app, your customer's data from Shopify will be automatically synchronized to the app. Customers with accounts on your store will has the type of Member in the app.  For those who do not have an account, the type will be Guest.

The admin can take actions to adjust and redeem the points of participant in any reward program.

- Click on Leave Program to exclude customers from the program. If you want to engage customers back to the program, please select Join Program

All customer's activites  through any loyalty program will be recorded in Activites tab

II/ Adjust point

1/ Step 1: At Customer tab, please click on Edit icon to start adjusting points

2/ Step 2: Click on Adjust points button and fulfill required information in the popup

- Adjust points: Enter the number of points you want to add to reduct. For example, if you enter "- 50", there are 50 points from that customer's account will be reduced

- Adjust reason: Write down the reason for point adjustment. Adjust reason will be shown at Activities tab in customer account

- Note for customer: After making point adjustment, it is advised to leave a note of customers telling them the reason. Your customers can see the note in Point History at reward box 

3/ Step 3: Click on Confirm button to finish

III/ Redeem points

1/ Step 1: At Customer tab, click on Edit icon to start redeeming points

2/ Step 2: Click on Redeem button and select a program that want to redeem customer's point to

3/ Step 3: Click on Confirm button to finish and then get discount code

You have learned how to track and manage customer's reward point.  Thank you so much for your time!

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop a message and send to [email protected]. We are willing to help you!