An eye-catching reward box is important in drawing customers' attention and interest in your reward program.

In this article, we will guide you on how to customize the appearance of the reward box in your store
All steps are simple and straightforward. Now, let's get started! 

1/ Step 1: Change Color Branding

At Color Branding setting, you can adjust the color of the floating reward button and review box on your shop frontend

Click on Default Color to use the original color setup in the app

2/ Step 2: Change Content

You can edit labels for point value on the live site. In order to edit other labels, go to Translations section.

Please look at your right side to preview the changes before publishing the reward box

Click Default content to reset labels into the default value initially.

3/ Step 3: Choose a position to display

You can show the reward button at the bottom of the right side or left side on your shop frontend

Please tick/untick to show/hide the reward box on mobile

After you finish the configuration, you will have the reward box display respectively as per your setting. Here is an example from our test store

If you encounter any difficulty, please contact our support via [email protected].

We are happy to help you till your satisfaction!