In this article, we will guide you on how to import reviews to Photo Review app

1. How to collect review data in form of CSV file?

Firstly, you will need to have review data in the form of CSV

Please note that product_handle, body, rating, title, firstName, email are required fields in CSV file. You have to collect and fulfill the data to the file correctly and sufficiently.

If one of them is missing, you can not import the file to Photo Review app.

Here is how you can get product_handle from your Shopify Order:

- At your Shopify admin, please navigate to Product > All Product

- Click on a product that you want to get  

- After that sroll down to the bottom of the page. At search engine listing preview, please click on  Edit website SEO > URL and handle.  At URL and  handle, product_handle variable is after /products/ 

For example, if your product URL is, product_handle is antique-drawers

2. How to import review via CSV file?

After you have a review file under CSV format with relavant data, please go to the app to import review.

- Step 1: At Reviews tab, click on Import Reviews button

- Step 2

An import review popup will appear. Please click on Add file and select the file from your computer.
Please make sure that the CSV file you use has a similar format with the sample file.


- Step 3:  Click on Import button to finish

3. How to import review from,, Yotpo and Shopify Review App?

- Step 1: Export reviews from,, Yotpo and Shopify Review App


  • Yotpo 

  • Shopify Review App

- Step 2: At Reviews tab, please click on Import Reviews button

- Step 3: A popup will show up for you to import reviews. Please select a review app with respective review file that has been exported

- Step 4: Click on Import button to finish

Should you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us via [email protected]