Displaying ratings just under page titles in search results is a big opportunity to tell searchers that your products are trustworthy, which helps you boost your site visibility and sales as a result. You’d be surprised at how easily you can add those star ratings in the search results within our SEO Suite app!

In general, once being integrated, SEO Suite app can detect AggregateRating script from the review app and automatically merge it with the rest of your script. The integration will link your JSON-LD product snippets with the JSON-LD review snippets.

Thanks to the integration between SEO Suite app and various review apps, you can easily show product ratings on the search result within a few clicks.

Please go to app Dashboard and navigate to Review Integration. After that hit Integrate button

You will see the success message after a while. Well-done! You will have review stars on the search result soon

Should you need any further help, please feel free to contact via [email protected]