I/ How to configure Whatsapp?

To use connect Whatsapp to your website, you need to install Whatsapp on your phone

1. Step 1:  Create whatsapp account

- Click  Add new button

- Phone: Select country code and enter the phone number using Whatsapp (Make sure the phone number you enter must be the phone number registered with your Whatsapp account)

- Name: Name your account

- Role: Name your role

- Avatar: Select your account avata

- Online time

+Available 24/7: Account is always online

+ Selected  time: Customize your account's online time

2. Step 2:  Configure Greeting Box

- Style: Choose Whatsapp style

- Title: Enter Whatsapp title at Greeting box

- Message: Enter Whatsapp greeting message

- Text color: Choose color for Whatsapp greeting message

- Background color: Choose background color for Whatsapp chatbox