1/ Select page:

- Apply for all products: The countdown will be applied for all products of your store

- Manual: Select individual product to apply countdown. Click Browse button

- Automated: Automatically apply countdown for all products matching with selected conditions:

  • All condition:  Show countdown for products that  match all conditions 
  • Any condition: Show countdown for products that match any condition 
  • Click Add another condition button to create more condition

2/ Position

There are  2 ways to choose the display position of countdown on your site

- Method 1: Use Smart Selector to choose a suitable position for your countdown on the product page

  • Step 1: Click Action > Enter the URL of product page that you want to insert countdown timer> Click Start Choosing

  • Step 2: On the  product page that you want to show countdown timer, click  Insert Here to select the position and Save

- Method 2: Use Snippet Code to select countdown timer position

  • Step 1: Copy snippet code

  • Step 2:  Access Admin page, select Themes > Actions >  Edit code

  • Step 3: From Section, click product-template.liquid before pasting Snippet code to your  wanted position and click on Save