In this article, we guide you on how to connect your site to Google Search Console and use two main functions integrated with the app:
- Search report

- Sitemaps

First of all, click Connect to Google Search Console to connect your site with Google Search Console. 

When connecting successfully, you need to choose the website you want to view its report and then click save.

Search report

Here will display detailed reports on your website including 3 types: Web, Image and Video

- Total clicks: Total clicks is how many times a user clicked through to your site. How this is counted depends on the search result type.

- Total impressions: Total impressions is how many times a user saw a link to your site in search results. This is calculated subscrib for images and other search result types, depending on whether or not the result was scrolled into view.

- Average CTR: Average CTR is the percentage of impressions that resulted in a click

- Average position: Average position is the average position of your site in search results, based on its highest position whenever it appeared in a search. Individual page position is available in the table below the chart. Position determination can be complicated by features such as carousels or Knowledge Panels.


- Add a new sitemap: Enter the sitemap you want to add and click Submit to add.

- The image below displays the status of the sitemaps you've added. Click the delete button to delete the added sitemap if you want.