In this article, you will be guided on how to configure the Settings section of the app. It is required for running your email campaigns successfully Let's get started!

1. General 

  • Default Logo: Upload default logo to be shown on your emails. 

  • Default Timezone: Select default timezone for your email in general. 

  • Shop name: Enter the store name that you want to display in email templates

  • Address: Enter store address you want to display on email templates

  • Website: Enter your website URL to display in the email templates

  • Default Signature: Enter the signature you want to display in the email template

2. Email Settings

In this Email Setting, you can:
- Add the email sender (able to add multiple senders) so that you can choose them for your specific campaigns later. 
- Add the Reply to address which will receive customers' reply of your email. 


There are three ways:

2.1.1 Use Avada server to send email

You can enter your store name and use AVADA sender, which is the easiest way because you do not need to verify email and can start sending email right away. It also make sure the sender from AVADA is always healthy and trusted for your customers. 

- Click "Add sender", then fill in the prefix of the email (often is your store name) so that receivers can realize you quickly. Also enter a name for the sender. 

- Choose the default sender for your emails. It will be auto-assigned in your campaigns when you first created. But you can change it anytime. 

2.1.2: Use your domain sender

Click to Add Sender, you will see other option is: Add custom domain sender

Click on that option,you will need to go to Domain setting and add your email domain there before you can add sender: To add a new domain, follow these steps

- Step 1: Click Add domain button

- Step 2: Enter the domain and add Email and enter a name for the sender


 - Step 3: Click Done to finish adding the domain  Add sender to the domain

- Click the Add sender button

Enter the email address and the sender name

Click Save to save and finish adding the sender Verify domain

To verify domain, you need to do the following steps

- Click verify domain

- Add SPF Record, DKIM Record, and Bounce to your Configure Domain according to the information in the image above. Click and follow the instructions to successfully add records to your Domain

After successfully adding records to your domain, click Verify button to complete verify domain

2.21.3. Add your custom SMTP sender

- USE CUSTOM SMTP: Click the toggle button to use your custom SMTP sender

Click Process now to start verifying your SMTP domain:

  • Host: 

  • Enter your host

  • You can click Load settings and select the SMTP Provider, then Host and Post fields will be auto filled.  

  • Port: Enter the Port value that allow sending email though. 

  • Authentication: After loading settings, Authentication field is set to default as "Login"

  • Username: This field allows you to fill in the Username in the SMTP Provider format you have chosen. 

  • Password: Enter the password according to the username you entered above. Once completed, the form will be encrypted as ***

  • After completing all the information, click Verify config

Select the sender and enter the recipient information, click Verify now to confirm. Only after successful confirmation, you can start sending email.

<Instructions for getting SMTP setting information>

- Gmail

- Mailgun

- Amazon SES

Elastic Email

2.2 Add Reply to

Enter the email that receives your customers' reply. You can add multiple emails here. 


3. Domain Settings (see guide at number 2 Email Settings)

4. Coupon Settings

See guide here