Welcome to AVADA Email Marketing User Guide!
In this article, you will be guided on how to create an Abandoned Cart Email Campaign. Let's get start!

Step 1. Enable AVADA Email Marketing

      Remember to enable the app before configuring anything.
    Go to ‘Store admin > App > AVADA Email Marketing > Dashboard

       Click Toggle button to enable the app.

Step 2. Select campaign type, preset and segment

2.1: Select event type, event and preset
  • From the app dashboard, go to "Messages > Automation > New campaign

  • "Select your event type" =  "Shopping"

  • "Select your event" = "Abandoned Cart Email"

  • "Select your preset": There are three options of templates for you: Blank template, Abandoned cart: 3 emails, Abandoned cart: 1 email

  • Click Save and Next

2.2: Select segment for campaign

See guide here: http://support.avada.io/support/solutions/articles/47001158787-how-to-create-segments-in-avada-email-marketing-

Step 3: Create workflow 
  • Blank template:

Blank template allows you to create a template freely by your wish. You can drag and drop multiple emails, wait time, certain time as you want.  

  • Create and edit an email > See guide here

  • Wait Time

  • To add Wait Time, at Time Control tab, drag and drop Wait Time to your workflow.

  • Edit Wait Time: 

  • Select option to delay your email in: Days, Weeks, Hours, Minutes

  • Enter delay time value (from 1-100)

  • Certain Time

  • To add Certain Timeat Time Control tab, drag and drop Certain Time to your workflow.

  • Edit Certain Time

  •  Certain day: 

  • Select a certain day option: Any day, Specific weekday, Week day, Weekend


  • You can select Specific weekday that you want: 

  •  Certain time

  • Select specific moment to send email: Any Time or Specific time

  • Specific time option allows you to select From Time and To Time value. Please notice that From Time value must be less than To Time value. 

  • Time Zone: Select the time zone to send email.  

  • Abandoned cart: 3 emails, Abandoned cart: 1 email

Besides Blank Template,  we support 2 premade templates for Abandoned Cart Email campaign, you can select one of them to save time to build email. 

+) Abandoned cart: 3 emails

+) Abandoned cart: 1 email

Step 4: Ready

After building your workflow, click to "Save and Next" and enter the general information to complete the campaign.  

  • Name: Enter the campaign name. Only after you enter the campaign name, the Finish button is clickable.   

  • Description: Enter the campaign description. 

  • Tag: 

  • Click to the icon and create tags for it to manage different campaigns easily. 

  • Click to Manage tags to choose/add/delete a tag. 

  • After filling all information, click Finish and select campaign status: Keep draft or Go live