Magento 2 is an e-commerce platform that AVADA Proofo support integration with. You can set up your configuration as followed once you installed the Avada_Proofo module.

Step 1: Install Proofo for Magento 2

Follow this guide to install Proofo for Magento 2.

Step 2: Get app credentials at Proofo

Copy the App credentials from Avada Proofo admin by going to Top bar avatar > Manage keys. If you have not had a secret key, you can generate a new key.

manage keys

Step 3: Copy and paste app credentials to Magento

Copy the above credentials and paste to the corresponding fields in the Magento 2 Proofo backend settings:

Copy and paste app credentials to Magento

Step 4: Select synchronized data

Choose which data to sync to Avada Proofo service: orders events, add-to-cart events, new customer sign-up events:

Select synchronized data

Congratulations! You have successfully configure Avada Proofo in Magento 2.