In this article, you will be guided to configure a Proofo campaign. Each campaign can be assigned to one notice type.

Go go Campaigns tab, here display the campaigns created. Admin can add, edit, delete, enable/ disable and customize the content of campaigns

For each campaign in this page, you can Edit, view Report, Notifications and Enable or Disable them.

1. Create campaign

To create campaigns, click on Create, the page will display Create campaign popup

1.1. Select type

Here admin will choose the type of the campaign. There are 6 purposes: Recent activities, Statistic, Real-time, Information, Review, and Custom

In each campaign type, you can choose child type. For example, Choose "Recent activities" support the following popup types:

1.2 Choose Source
Step 2 is selecting the data source to create your campaign.

1.3 Confirmation

Enter the Campaign name here to confirm your campaign. 

2. Edit campaign
To edit any campaign, just click to it.

2.1 General
Here you can configure the following information of campaign:

Campaign status: You can turn on/off campaign
Campaign name: Enter the name of the campaign
Heading text: Enter the popup title that you want to display in the campaign
Content text: Enter the popup content that will be displayed in the campaign

Manage variables (Only support on Purchase notice and Custom notice): At Heading text click on Manage variables then it will display the Manage variables popup
+ Check Use dynamic names to be able to customize the customer name. Enter the values on each line.
+ Check Use flag as country option to replace the country name with the flag in the popup heading

+ Choose image shown on popup
+ Select Use product image to show product photo on popup
Static maps: Click Use static map to display the map instead of the product image (Only apply for Purchase notice and Custom notice campaigns)
Language: Select the display language for the "time ago" text

*Note: With the Statistic purchase campaign and the Statistic pageviews campaign, there is a Statistic interval section that allows you to customize the time periods including Last 24 hours, Last 7 days, Last 30 days and Lifetime

time interval

*With campaign Information Notice, customers can click to the popup and be redirected to a link inserted here:

redirect link
2.2 Source

Here you can choose the data source for your campaign. Each campaign can have a different source.

2.3 Themes

Here display the popup themes, with Basic Themes and Seasonal Themes.

2.4 Design

2.4.1 Layouts

Here displays the Popup Layout available for store owners to use and save their time alot.

2.4.2 Color


Background color: Click to select the background color for your Popup
Heading color: Choose a color for the Popup title.
Text color: Click to select the color for content displayed in Popup.
Time color: Choose the color for the time displayed in Popup.
- For the campaign Statistic pageviews will have an additional Counter Color and Counter Unit Color fields:

Counter color

2.4.3. Typography


Font family: Select the font for the content displayed in Popup
Heading font weight: customize the weight of heading text
Heading font size: customize the size of heading text
Content font weight: customize the density of content text
Content font size: customize the size of content text

2.4.4 Border


2.4.5 Box-Shadow

Check to enable box-shadow display for Popup

2.4.6 Heading decoration

Here, adjust the heading highlight, including 4 types: None, Underline, Overline, Line through

2.4.7 Hover Settings

Hover Settings

Hover product name decoration: Select the display method for product names in Popup when customers hover on it
Hover product name color: Select the color that will display when customers hover on the product name in Popup.

2.5 Display

Check Overwrite settings values to customize individual display for each campaign.

2.5.1 Position

Select the display location for Popup on Desktop:

Top right: Popup displays at the top right of the page.
Top left: Popup displays at the top left of the page.
Bottom right: Popup appears at the bottom right of the page.
Bottom left: Popup displays at the bottom left of the page.

2.5.2 Truncate content tex

Check to shorten the content in the popup when it's too long.

2.5.3 Display duration

Enter the time allowed for Popup to appear on the page. After this period, popup will be auto-disable

2.5.4 Show on mobile

Mobile position: Select the displaying position of Popup on mobile
Top: Popup displayed at the top of the mobile device.
Bottom: Popup displayed at the bottom of the mobile device.

Uncheck Overwrite settings values to customize the campaign follow the Display section of Settings

Statistic purchases campaign can be displayed in 2 types: Inline and Popup
Popup: Select Display as popup to show Statistic purchase notice under a popup

Display as popup

Inline: Select Display as Inline to show the Statistic purchase notice as inline. Choose where to display the campaign on the page at Smart Selector

Display as inline
 2.6 Triggers

Similar to this guide: 

2.7 Goals

Here you can select the created goals to be included in the Report